5 Tips to Stay Cool in Your Suit This Summer

There is nothing worse than a hot and heavy suit on summer days. These tips will help you stay cool, while also looking sharp in your summer suits.

Think about your fabric

Heavy, dense fabrics like wool and tweed will trap in heat and make those warm summer days unbearable. Focus on fabrics that are light and breathable like cotton, linen, and mohair. Samuel Baron Clothiers carries custom-made fabrics that are designed to reflect light and stay cool.

Lose the accessories

Although those suspender, pocket squares, and heavy-duty ties are quite the fashion statement, even a little extra fabric can make you uncomfortable on hot and sticky days. For an extra-cool boost, lose the socks! Some loafers are made to be worn sock-free which is great for style and comfort.

Pay attention to your lining

Not all of your suits need to be fully lined. Take advantage of customizing your suit with a half-lined style.


Dark colors like navy and black will make your walk to lunch miserable in the summer. Wear light colors that reflect the sun instead or absorbing it.

Layer properly

While a sweater-vest would be your worst enemy in the hot summer heat, some layers you can use to your advantage. Moisture-wicking undershirts can cool you down with your first layer so you aren’t sweating through your suit jacket. Pay attention to the fabric your undershirts are made out of. We prefer 100% cotton.

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