November 21, 2017

Away We Go!

How to Guide: Packing a Suit  

At Samuel Baron Clothiers, we want to do more than just work with you to create high quality, custom garments. We feel it's important for you to know how to care for them, style them, and pack them.

We believe our services should go beyond the showroom, so from time-to-time we will be updating the blog with with how-to's to make your life and style smoother.


 That moment that has happened to us all: you're finishing packing your weekender, you are almost ready to leave so that you can spend the holiday with your family. Your sweaters are snug in their spots; the t-shirts and jeans are rolled to perfection, woolen socks tucked deep away, button-up shirt is crisply folded. The only thing getting in the way of you and the perfect pack: your suit. You roll it, you fold it, you origami it, frankly you contemplate throwing it. Brush those worries aside - we are here to make your packing experience as smooth as your suit will look when you arrive for the family party.

Step 1:

Start with your suit jacket. Lie it down smooth any creases.

Step 2:

Neatly fold in half vertically.

Step 3:

Take your hand and place into shoulder facing you; carefully fold it over so that only the interior lining is showing.

Step 4:

On a flat surface, smooth the folded jacket. Make sure the sleeves, collar, and lapels are cleanly and evenly aligned. Next, fold horizontally into a square beginning from the bottom of the jacket up to the collar.

Step 5:

Lie your suits pants on the clean surface and at the knee of the pants, place the folded jacket.

Step 6:

Told the bottom half of the pants over the jacket, and bring the top half over to result in a neat square.

Step 7:

Place the expertly folded suit into your weekender bag and away you go!

From all of us here at Samuel Baron Clothiers: we wish you a holiday season filled with good drinks and food, plenty of laughter, and quality time with those who mean the most to you.

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