May 13, 2018

How To Care For Your Custom Suit

You shelled out the cash, now learn how to protect your investment with six easy steps.

Many clients ask us how long a men’s custom suit should last. The answer to that question depends to a large degree on how often the suit is worn and dry cleaned. To help get the most out of your investment, we’ve put together a few simple steps to keep your custom suit looking sharp for years to come.

Fashion Illustration by Alvin Pimsler

Switch It Up.

The first step to keeping your suit game strong is rotation. A bit of time off the body and on the hanger helps a suit keep its shape. Wearing a suit two days in a row or three times in a week is a recipe for disaster.


To help your suit maintain its form, use wood or plastic hangers with rounded edges. Opt for something that supports the shoulders, and allows it to sit and drape nicely. When it sits for a day or two, the suit will naturally go back to its original drape. Plus, a few days of airing out will allow you to put off cleaning.

Fashion Illustration by Alvin Pimsler


Cloth brushes remove debris, dirt, and whatever else the day might have thrown at you. It's the easiest way for a quick clean, and it extends the life of the natural fibers of the suiting material.


It might sound counterintuitive—when you're dressed to the nines, you want to look your absolute best. But dry cleaning is hard on suits. Each time a suit is dry cleaned, it shortens its lifespan. So only take your suit to the cleaners if it is dirty or if it begins to smell.


Steaming opens up the fibers to prevent odors, in addition it takes out minor stains and marks. Stay away from a dry iron, as it will burn the fibers and add a sheen to the material. If your steamer isn’t doing the job, bring it to the cleaners and ask them to press it.


Store your suit during the off season. Take your suit to the dry cleaner's after a few wears and before the season is over to remove stains or unwanted smells. Once it's clean, store your suit upright in a garment bag in your closet to keep natural fibers looking their best.

Additional ways to care for your custom suits include:

When it rains or snows, be careful to brush the water off rather than press it into your garment. The less water your custom suit absorbs, the longer it will last.

Be sure to hang your custom suits on sturdy and wide wood hangers. Plastic hangers will cause your jacket shoulders to compress.While the dry cleaner should be avoided whenever possible, spend a few extra dollars and go to a reputable place. You will save money in the long run. We recommend Shadyside Valet.

When packing your suit for a trip always put a plastic bag over it. This will prevent wrinkling and protect the suit in case something spills inside your case.

Try not to use the front pockets of the suit. If you must use them, make sure the items are light, like business cards or handkerchiefs. Placing anything with any kind of substantial weight in the front pockets causes the front of the coat to sag down and lose its shape. It also does damage to the inside lining and potentially the fabric behind it.

Never separate the jacket and the pant as an outfit. Always wear them together. If you start wearing the jacket as a standalone blazer as well as with the suit, the jacket will wear out faster than the pant.

On that note, when you dry clean, always dry clean both the jacket and pant - doing one without the other might cause the color to fade differently.

Occasionally remove the garment bag when hanging up your custom suit. Hanging up in a garment bag for a prolonged amount of time will not allow the fibers and fabric of the suit to “breathe”. This will lead to a breakdown in the construction of the garment.

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