November 29, 2021

How to Protect Your Suit From the Elements

When it rains, it pours, but with the right accessories and tips, you can keep your suit protected from even the nastiest elements.


Some of these may seem obvious like not forgetting your umbrella, but to keep your suit fully protected don’t forget the following :

Long Overcoat

Whether it's a light trench coat or a water-resistant overcoat for the winter months, the right outerwear can keep you dry.

Sturdy Umbrella

Cheap umbrellas from the local drugstore will only last so long. Invest in a proper, sturdy umbrella that you can count on when the day is gloomy.

Rubber Overshoes

Often forgotten, most shoes aren't waterproof. Protect your leather or suede shoes from becoming soaked with rubber overshoes.


The right hat and gloves offer an extra layer of protection for your collar and sleeves.

Plan Ahead

No matter the weather prediction for the week, you can plan ahead by stocking your office with microfiber towels, extra socks, a button-down, and a hanger to dry out your suit.

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