April 24, 2020

Slow Fashion and Sustainability

You may have heard of slow fashion before. A relatively recent shift in the fashion industry, the movement was borne out of the recognition of the issues caused by fast fashion, which is defined as the quick manufacture of new clothing items at low cost. Many large fashion brands use this time and cost efficient model, and in turn can harm the environment through the practices at each stage of the life cycle of a single garment. To make matters worse, these garments are often of lower quality and can begin to shrink, warp, or even fall apart after just a few wears, rendering them useless and causing us to buy replacement pieces more often than we should. Have you ever bought a t-shirt at a bargain, only to have it become two sizes smaller once you wash it? It was likely a product of fast fashion. Brands such as these can have a 52 season year when designing and producing clothes, meaning that new pieces are being created every week in order to keep up with trends, rather than a traditional 2 season (Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter) model.

Slow fashion, conversely, aims to combat these issues by offering responsibly and sustainably made garments that are meant to last years rather than months. There are brands that focus on eco-friendly materials, fair trade, quality, and more to ensure that their impact on the environment is as small as possible. These products tend to cost more than their fast fashion counterparts initially, but over time can cost less per wear because they last significantly longer. In our case, creating individual custom pieces allows Samuel Baron Clothiers to work with small teams of skilled tailors who we can communicate with directly. Our textiles come from reputable sources that continue to offer natural fibers instead of synthetic materials. This model starkly contrasts the rapid, and often inhumane, production of clothing in factories that focus on volume.

Now, imagine if we took the same approach with most of our wardrobe. Not only would we hardly ever have to buy new clothes, but we wouldn’t produce as much waste by disposing of “unwearable” items; the U.S. alone produces millions of tons of textile waste annually, most of which can be recycled. Of course, it isn’t reasonable to completely overhaul one’s closet overnight. Over time, individuals can introduce new, higher quality replacement pieces as other garments are outgrown or worn out. As mentioned above, there are multiple brands that offer slow fashion options. However, where suiting is concerned, Samuel Baron Clothiers has always provided well made garments that are intended to last, and by customizing and tailoring each piece we ensure that they will be worn and enjoyed for years to come.

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