November 9, 2022

The Most Luxurious Textile in the World – Vicuña Wool 


Say hello to the elusive vicuña- the llama’s petite, doe-eyed, graceful cousin. Native to the Andes Mountains, their ultra-fine cinnamon colored coat has been considered the gold of textiles since the Incan Empire.

Rare and Luxurious

Wool from vicuñas is worth more per ounce than gold for two reasons: exceptional quality and scarcity.

Their prized coat is made up of extremely fine hairs that are covered in interlocking scales to trap heat. These properties produce a unique wool that is light-weight while being an incredible insulator. Garments made from the material are renowned their luxurious feel and silk-like drape.

The adage “good things take time” is not lost here. An individual animal can only be sheared once every two years and yields a mere 200 grams (7 ounces.)

From the Andes Mountains to You – Scabal’s Fascination Collection

This Autumn, Scabal takes has taken luxury to new heights - weaving together vicuña and cashmere in its Fascination collection. An exclusive offering of 14 elegant fabrics ideal for a sophisticated suit. Rich shades of blue, grey, and black are found in an array of both plain weaves and refined patterns.
Explore the collection.

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